Internet Scams 101

Cape Fear Networks

Today most people don’t know whether it’s a scam or if it’s real. How you tell if it’s a scam or not is if its a Nigerian email, or if it says perfect girlfriend, or if its aCraigslist scam or could even be a pre-approved credit card scam etc. A scam is when something and someone is envolved in doing something wrong and is trying to get you to pay for something so they can take your money. If you would just check your emails every once in a while for scams you should be free of them because thats the only way they will come other then adds on a website.

The Cure for Market Research

Doing proper research is paramount to the success and/or failure of any campaign. Whether it’s a campaign to drive in more traffic, it’s a campaign to find the best technology solution, a campaign is a campaign and it needs the proper research. For instance, if company A has an empty container handler for sale and Company B distributes container handlers, company A would just need a little elbow grease and some research to find this distribution channel. You can utilize uncommon places such as an association in your related field. In this case, the IANA is an an association within this industry. Company A ( the one who has container handlers for sale ) , could use the list of companies that are apart of that membership and implement an outreach program. It may be time consuming and tedious, but it will get the job done!

Check out this video to learn more about market research: